Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Buy SAPE Links

  1. Google already knows all about it. Matt Cutts, former head of Google’s web spam team had this to say about SAPE back in 2013. 
    So as you can see this network is already on the radar and entire parts of the network have been destroyed in one fell swoop once Google went to work
  2. Many of the sites all belong on Russian based domains. Although this doesn’t pose a huge problem if you had a mix of different country sites linking to you it becomes a bit of a footprint when all your strongest links are from .ru domains.
  3. The links are on hacked websites! The original website owners are oblivious as to what is happening on their site and it has been hacked in order to inject these SAPE Links. Not only is that risky but it’s dangerous.
  4. It’s a confusing process to try and setup the system to even buy SAPE links. Most of the time you need to go through a broker and sometimes you do not even get to see proof that your links were actually placed.
  5. There is a much safer and effective SAPE Links Alternative in town thanks to
    With this system you get to place anchor text backlinks on high authority websites that have partnered with us. If you properly select your links and anchor text for this service, you can see some very dramatic rank increases in a short amount of time.

We have been featured in an article over at Alternative HQ for our Sape Links Network Alternative comparison